Tron ´s fast roller coaster ride

In early January, Tron reached an all-time high of around $0.30 an ounce, but the crypto currency plummeted to $0.02 an ounce. Currently the value of a token is about $ 0.04. As some Tron investors turned their backs on the crypto currency due to the drop in prices, some questions came to light about what Tron actually is. Lucien Chen gave some answers. He described the crypto currency as a kind of architecture consisting of three levels.

Level No. 1: The storage layer

“At this level, we have developed a unique distributed storage protocol, including block and state storage. We also have a graph database to meet various requirements.”

Level 2: Module of Smart Contracts
“At the middle level, we designed the modules for Smart Contracts, Account Management, Consensus, etc. To make it easier for developers to create Dapps, we decided to use JAVA as the programming language for Smart Contracts. Further programming languages will be added in the future. Trons consensus is based on proof-of-stake and some other innovations to meet our requirements.”

Level no. 3: Application level
Finally, the third layer of the crypto currency is the application layer, which developers can use to easily develop Dapps and implement the wallet themselves. Another highlight is the Tron Killer app, which will be released on the Mainnet. What it is about is not yet known.

Buy Tron

Currently the best exchange for Tron (TRX) purchases is Börse Binance*. You can create a user account in just a few minutes – but of course always with a secure password and two-factor authentication! The good thing about Binance* is that you don’t need verification if you want to pay out less than the equivalent of two Bitcoins. Once you have created a two-factor authenticated account with a strong password, you can deposit Bitcoin, Ether or any other currency offered.

Litecoin Mining – How to Mine Litecoin – How to Mine Litecoin!

Litecoin Mining – Litecoin is one of the oldest crypto currencies on the market. It has been available for trading since October 2013. The crypto currency was one of the first hard forks from Bitcoin. Litecoin is called LTC for short, it is often compared with it and both are similar in many respects.

At the same time, Litecoin has many advantages over Bitcoin, such as better scalability and lower fees. What the differences are in Litecoin Mining and what the mining instructions look like, you can find out here.