Stratis Coin – Who is behind the crypto currency?

Chris Tew is the lead developer and founder of the London-based blockchain startup Stratis. It wants to help companies implement blockchain ideas, even if they have only little blockchain knowledge. The IT, C# and ASP.NET specialist has been working on blockchains since 2013. The software developer Nicolas Dorier built the source code core of Str atis with C# within two years. Nicolas didn’t want to work with Chris Tew at first and preferred to devote his time to Bitcoin, whose developers he was then. The integration of the .NET architecture is done by Jeremy Bokobza and Pieterjan.

Besides, the company also employs the Stratis Academy. Interested can take here training further possibilities to the Stra/tis crypto currency. In addition it forms a platform, on which users and developers can step with the team into contact. The developer team has here the possibility of talking about Slack with businessmen and developers.

Stratis Coin advantages and disadvantages for the Bitcoin profit

The crypto currency primarily fulfils internal functions of the Bitcoin profit. It inflates only very slightly, the money supply increases only slowly. If you are thinking about buying Stratis Coin, you should not necessarily expect to make quick profits from sudden price increases. This coin is rather not suitable for this, if you look at what the task of this Bitcoin profit crypto currency is. On the other hand, the value of the STRAT coin should be more stable than many other digital currencies and more suitable as a long-term investment. Nevertheless, the price shows that profits can be achieved with the crypto currency. The STRAT price is capable of leaps and bounds. For a long time, the STRAT crypto currency has not been taken into account on the stock exchanges; this has changed since 2017.

The further development of the STRAT Coin share price depends entirely on the platform and whether companies will be interested in it. The small team seems to be working hard to push the coin development further and further and to achieve the goals that have been set. There is potential in the idea, but it remains to be seen whether companies will become aware of it.

Stratis Coin Price – Development – Forecast of the Bitcoin revolution

After the initial coin offering in 2016, the Stratis coin price started at 1 cent per coin. Since then, the price has risen slightly but steadily because of the Bitcoin revolution and not a scam, so that it was quoted at 7 cents in January 2017. In January and February the price remained around 7 cents, in March the price rose above the 10 cents for the first time. Here, investors had the last opportunity to buy STRATCoin at a favourable price, as the Bitcoin revolution price rose to over 60 cents in April and the coin price gained considerable momentum in May. The value of the crypto currency not only exceeded EUR 1, but also reached EUR 4 per coin. In June it got even better, at the beginning of the summer month the coin was quoted at an all-time high of 9 Euro per coin.

The price then lost value and fell to below 3 euros in mid-July. This was followed by a brief rise in the summer months, up to EUR 6 in August, a further fall in September and a drop to below EUR 3 in October.

By the end of November, the share price had risen again. The large increase in value came in December, however, as the coin headed towards the 12 euro during the month. In January, the price failed just below the 20 euro mark. After that, the exchange rate was high again and the hype weakened.

It is not easy to make a forecast, but the price does not seem to fall below the usual levels of 2017. Depending on how the market for crypto currencies generally develops, the STRAT coin price could rise or fall just as well.