Stratis Coin – Who is behind the crypto currency?

Chris Tew is the lead developer and founder of the London-based blockchain startup Stratis. It wants to help companies implement blockchain ideas, even if they have only little blockchain knowledge. The IT, C# and ASP.NET specialist has been working on blockchains since 2013. The software developer Nicolas Dorier built the source code core of Str atis with C# within two years. Nicolas didn’t want to work with Chris Tew at first and preferred to devote his time to Bitcoin, whose developers he was then. The integration of the .NET architecture is done by Jeremy Bokobza and Pieterjan.

Besides, the company also employs the Stratis Academy. Interested can take here training further possibilities to the Stra/tis crypto currency. In addition it forms a platform, on which users and developers can step with the team into contact. The developer team has here the possibility of talking about Slack with businessmen and developers.

Stratis Coin advantages and disadvantages for the Bitcoin profit

The crypto currency primarily fulfils internal functions of the Bitcoin profit. It inflates only very slightly, the money supply increases only slowly. If you are thinking about buying Stratis Coin, you should not necessarily expect to make quick profits from sudden price increases. This coin is rather not suitable for this, if you look at what the task of this Bitcoin profit crypto currency is. On the other hand, the value of the STRAT coin should be more stable than many other digital currencies and more suitable as a long-term investment. Nevertheless, the price shows that profits can be achieved with the crypto currency. The STRAT price is capable of leaps and bounds. For a long time, the STRAT crypto currency has not been taken into account on the stock exchanges; this has changed since 2017.

The further development of the STRAT Coin share price depends entirely on the platform and whether companies will be interested in it. The small team seems to be working hard to push the coin development further and further and to achieve the goals that have been set. There is potential in the idea, but it remains to be seen whether companies will become aware of it.

Stratis Coin Price – Development – Forecast of the Bitcoin revolution

After the initial coin offering in 2016, the Stratis coin price started at 1 cent per coin. Since then, the price has risen slightly but steadily because of the Bitcoin revolution and not a scam, so that it was quoted at 7 cents in January 2017. In January and February the price remained around 7 cents, in March the price rose above the 10 cents for the first time. Here, investors had the last opportunity to buy STRATCoin at a favourable price, as the Bitcoin revolution price rose to over 60 cents in April and the coin price gained considerable momentum in May. The value of the crypto currency not only exceeded EUR 1, but also reached EUR 4 per coin. In June it got even better, at the beginning of the summer month the coin was quoted at an all-time high of 9 Euro per coin.

The price then lost value and fell to below 3 euros in mid-July. This was followed by a brief rise in the summer months, up to EUR 6 in August, a further fall in September and a drop to below EUR 3 in October.

By the end of November, the share price had risen again. The large increase in value came in December, however, as the coin headed towards the 12 euro during the month. In January, the price failed just below the 20 euro mark. After that, the exchange rate was high again and the hype weakened.

It is not easy to make a forecast, but the price does not seem to fall below the usual levels of 2017. Depending on how the market for crypto currencies generally develops, the STRAT coin price could rise or fall just as well.

Basic Attention Token – Who is behind the crypto currency?

There are no strangers behind the Basic Attention Token development. Founder Brendan Eich once developed JavaScript and was involved in the founding of Mozilla and Firefox. The co-founder of the BAT token is Brian Bondy. He previously worked at Khan Academy, Mozilla and Evernote. Yhan Zhu is responsible for the security and privacy of the browser. She previously worked at Yahoo, TOR, HTTPS Everywhere and Privacy Badger. Consultants include Ankur Nandwani and Zooko Wilcox. Ankur Nandwani previously worked for Coinbase, Lookout and Qualcomm and Zooko Wilcox works for Zcash. So the team was also able to gather some crypto currency experts around them.

At that time the token set a new record: Within 24 seconds, 1.5 billion tokens worth 36 million dollars were sold. Going there, the forecast doesn’t look so bad at all, even if the price then behaved quite normally.

Ethereum code Advantages and disadvantages

Whether people will buy Ethereum code or scam tokens to participate in the network is questionable. They will probably earn it passively if they use the browser. Ultimately, the success of the token depends on how many people use the browser and how many companies want to work with the developers. Over 150 companies have already announced their intention to collaborate, so that’s not a bad thing. But so far there is not much that can be done with the crypto currency. The developers want to add new functions in the future.

The Bitcoin code development was financed by an initial coin offering

Nevertheless, the share price has developed well over time and the ICO of the crypto currency has also been extremely successful. On the stock markets one seems to see here a potential in the token and the concept behind it.

One or the other might be pissed off by the 70 that the developers earn from BATs. That the developers are claiming part of the tokens traded on the platform to finance their project is not new. But in most cases it’s much lower than 70%.

The Bitcoin Course – Are BTC the New Gold?

When Bitcoin first saw the light of day in 2009, you could buy 5000 Bitcoin for the equivalent of 25€. Well, some years later a Bitcoin is worth over 1000€. In March 2017, the crypto currency was worth more than an ounce of gold for the first time. Many experts, including Jeremy Liew, investor of Snapchat and Peter Smith, founder and CEO of, forecast a value of up to €500,000 per bit coin by 2030.

Bitcoin worth more than gold states

Currently, many investors from countries like China are fleeing to Bitcoin as their national currency is threatened by inflation. As a result, the price has risen sharply. Over the course of last year by 100%. The Bitcoin protocol sets a maximum limit of 21 million Bitcoin. From 2009 to 2017, 16 million of this was mined (prospected). Due to the maximum amount set, this will drive the price higher if BTC then becomes a more popular means of payment. Therefore, investing in BTC can be interesting. Since the price is subject to strong fluctuations, one should only invest so much money that one can also cope with losing it completely in extreme cases. Even if this is unlikely, it is still possible. It depends on whether Bitcoin can establish itself as a means of payment.

Conclusion about Bitcoin trader

BTCs are certainly an interesting option, both for international payments and as an Bitcoin trader investment product. However, those who need their money at short notice can incur losses due to fluctuations. One should therefore see an investment in the digital currency as a long-term investment.

In the meantime, some alternative crypto currencies have proven to be quite competitive, which have partly absorbed and improved the disadvantages of Bitcoin. The technology behind the digital currencies is being researched diligently. The future will show whether Bitcoin will prevail. We are curious.

Mainnet from Tron in sight

The introduction of Tron’s Mainnet seems to be available sooner than expected. The project’s technology director has some information ready. According to Lucien Chen, Trons Technology Director, the publication of the Mainnet will be brought forward from July 1 to May 31. The test net will continue to be available on March 31. On the test net it will be possible to operate a node, develop digital assets and send and receive transactions. Lucien Chen, in an interview with Reuters:


Tron ´s fast roller coaster ride

In early January, Tron reached an all-time high of around $0.30 an ounce, but the crypto currency plummeted to $0.02 an ounce. Currently the value of a token is about $ 0.04. As some Tron investors turned their backs on the crypto currency due to the drop in prices, some questions came to light about what Tron actually is. Lucien Chen gave some answers. He described the crypto currency as a kind of architecture consisting of three levels.

Level No. 1: The storage layer

“At this level, we have developed a unique distributed storage protocol, including block and state storage. We also have a graph database to meet various requirements.”

Level 2: Module of Smart Contracts
“At the middle level, we designed the modules for Smart Contracts, Account Management, Consensus, etc. To make it easier for developers to create Dapps, we decided to use JAVA as the programming language for Smart Contracts. Further programming languages will be added in the future. Trons consensus is based on proof-of-stake and some other innovations to meet our requirements.”

Level no. 3: Application level
Finally, the third layer of the crypto currency is the application layer, which developers can use to easily develop Dapps and implement the wallet themselves. Another highlight is the Tron Killer app, which will be released on the Mainnet. What it is about is not yet known.

Buy Tron

Currently the best exchange for Tron (TRX) purchases is Börse Binance*. You can create a user account in just a few minutes – but of course always with a secure password and two-factor authentication! The good thing about Binance* is that you don’t need verification if you want to pay out less than the equivalent of two Bitcoins. Once you have created a two-factor authenticated account with a strong password, you can deposit Bitcoin, Ether or any other currency offered.

Litecoin Mining – How to Mine Litecoin – How to Mine Litecoin!

Litecoin Mining – Litecoin is one of the oldest crypto currencies on the market. It has been available for trading since October 2013. The crypto currency was one of the first hard forks from Bitcoin. Litecoin is called LTC for short, it is often compared with it and both are similar in many respects.

At the same time, Litecoin has many advantages over Bitcoin, such as better scalability and lower fees. What the differences are in Litecoin Mining and what the mining instructions look like, you can find out here.